Robert Smith

Composer, Arranger and Playwright

Offers ‘off the peg’ and tailor- made
arrangements and compositions.

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A taste of music to fit your requirements. Compositions and Arrangements to suit your needs

About Robert

My father was a church organist and I sang in church and school choirs. I had a fine treble voice and my school choir, King Edward VII Grammar school Sheffield, had an excellent music tradition. I learned to play the double bass and guitar.

I find I have a good bass voice and I have performed as a member of the Brighton Festival Chorus with the finest national and international orchestras in some of the greatest venues in the UK and Europe. I have taught adult singing classes and workshops as well as singing in folk groups and rock groups and entertaining the W.I. as a solo artist.

For many years I have provided the music for the Masses at St Pancras RC Church Lewes. At first this was just a case of accompanying hymns on my guitar but over the last few years the ‘folk’ group has developed into an instrumental ensemble and I have developed too as a composer and an arranger. I now write for violins, clarinets, oboes, flutes and cellos. I have also taken on the responsibility for the St Pancras Choir which entails writing and arranging choral music for festivals and special occasions. This, coupled with all the adult singing classes, means that I have an extensive catalogue of songs ready-arranged.

For many years I enjoyed a teaching career in secondary, middle and primary schools culminating in 13 years as a headteacher of two schools. I left teaching to follow my desire to write and make music. But my experience in primary schools enables me to write music and plays for children to perform in schools and drama clubs. See

I am now in the happiest place in my life. I have a fantastic family, and I am doing what I wish I had been doing all my life – writing and making music.

Robert performing with his guitar
Robert with his grandchild

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